10 Years After Recall, MTD Snow Blowers Tires Sill Causing Injury


As the temperatures dip, many people will begin to conduct routine maintenance on their snow throwers. Yet for some this could be the equivalent of handling a live grenade. Certain snow blowers produced by MTD Products and sold at Home Depot and Sears (under the Craftsman logo) and other local hardware stores, were recalled in 2006 due to a defective plastic rim that easily exploded during inflation of the tire. Now, 10 years later, people are still being injured by these products. Injuries can be severe including broken bones and lacerations, among others.


You can read attorney Jamie Sheller’s posts in The Legal Examiner on these products:

MTD Snow Thrower Tire Injury, by Jamie Sheller, January 6, 2017

Recalled MTD Snow Throwers Tire Explosion Injuries, by Jamie Sheller, January 5, 2017


And read The Philadelphia Inquirer’s article about Sheller’s client from 2010:

Jamie Sheller in The Philadelphia Inquirer about client injured by MTD Snowthrower

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