3M Bair Hugger Injuries


bair,hugger,forced,air,infection,lawsuit,lawyerReports suggest that the Bair Hugger Forced Air Warming system, which is used in operating rooms across the country, can increase patients’ risk of developing MRSA, sepsis, and other serious infections.

Sheller, P.C. attorneys are investigating lawsuits on behalf of patients who developed serious infections after undergoing joint replacement surgery.  A number of lawsuits have already been filed against the manufacturer of the device, 3M Infection Prevention Solutions, and allege the company knew about the risk for years but failed to properly warn patients and doctors.

If you or a loved one underwent joint replacement surgery and developed a serious infection within 60 days of the procedure, get in touch with us today at 800-883-2299.

Treatment to get Bair Hugger infections under control and repair resulting damage may include:

· Multiple hospitalizations
· Additional surgeries
· Insertion of antibiotic spacers in the infected joint
· IV antibiotic therapy
· Physical therapy
· Removal and revision of the implant device
· Amputation

Filing A Forced Air Warmer Lawsuit

Because of the difficult recovery they face, hip and knee replacement patients who experienced serious hospital-acquired infections or other complications due to a forced air warmer blanket may be entitled to receive compensation for their injury related damages.

If you are interested in pursuing a 3M Bair Hugger lawsuit, Sheller, P.C. can help.  For a free, no-obligation case review please contact our office today by calling 800-883-2299 or filling out the form below.

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