Ethicon Physiomesh® Hernia Mesh Injury


Jamie Sheller’s Post in The Legal Examiner

December 9, 2016

Ethicon Physiomesh® Hernia Mesh Injury

Hernias are a relatively common problem that for many requires surgery to alleviate daily pain, discomfort and other symptoms. Unfortunately, some who were promised a solution in Ethicon Physiomesh® Flexible Composite hernia mesh, instead found themselves facing potential infections, hernia recurrence and more surgeries. Johnson & Johnson recalled the mesh in May 2016 following its review of unpublished studies that showed a higher failure rate of the Ethicon hernia mesh compared to that of other, similar hernia repair devices. The voluntary recall came in May 2016 after Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, approached a pair of observational hernia repair registries seeking an analysis of the product’s success rate. The registries, Herniamed German Registry and Danish Hernia Database, determined that the Ethicon device failed at higher rates compared to that of similar hernia mesh repairs.

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