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Philadelphia Inquirer 2010-02-14 Consumer 10.0: Flaws in the recall system:  Snow thrower cases raise questions about vulnerability in the legal process by Jeff Gelles Inquirer Business Columnist Facing the latest blast of winter,

WHYY Philadelphia National Public Radio 2010-02-02 Why people blow the whistle, and what they get out of it By: Kerry Grens, senior health and science reporter at Philadelphia National Public Radio WHYY Last

2009-12-07 Jamie Sheller appeared on a special broadcast of The American Law Journal on Philadelphia’s CNN-News affiliate WFMZ. Sheller discussed her representation of the client and $2.5 million jury verdict in the first

CNN News 2000-11-14 The Florida Recount: Will State Officials Certify the Vote Today at 5:00 p.m.? Aired November 14, 2000 – 12:33 p.m. ET (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) JAMES BAKER, BUSH CAMPAIGN OBSERVER: If