Class Action & Mass Tort

Consumer class action and mass tort lawsuits are among the most effective ways consumers have of protecting their power over the marketplace. When a large corporation does something which affects or harms a lot of people, a class action lawsuit enables all the affected people to act with one voice. In a mass tort, the facts of the cases are the same or similar but the cases are litigated individually and the outcomes may or may not be the same.

Sheller, P.C. attorneys have successfully litigated class action and mass torts against some of the largest corporations in the world, achieving compensation and justice for people nationwide

The laws of our nation are the foundation of our society. The scales of justice are the symbol of the legal system’s mission to balance truth and fairness. While there may be merit for a case, many lawsuits cannot become class action or mass tort lawsuits on their own. But those with a significant number of plaintiffs with similar injuries and common legal issues may be combined and declared a class action or mass tort lawsuit by a judge. Combining numerous separate lawsuits into a class action or mass tort is very efficient- it can ease the load on our judicial system and reduce the amount of time and money spent resolving consumer wrongs.

Class actions and mass torts remain the best means possible for groups of people to effect change for the benefit of society and to achieve individual compensation and justice

Class action and mass tort lawsuits have kept many defective products off the market and penalized manufacturers who intentionally sold them. Class action lawsuits have rid our schools of dangerous asbestos and eliminated harmful contraceptive devices; they have made cars safer, products more reliable and given consumers a power to effect the market that they would not have otherwise. Mass torts have played a large and very successful role in the relief and compensation for people injured by dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and defective medical devices. Sheller, P.C. attorneys have a large dangerous drug and defective medical device practice where lawsuits often become mass torts. Call 800-883-2299 for more information on whether your situation qualifies for these type of legal actions.

Who is “on the other side” in class actions and mass torts?

Corporations are usually the ones being held accountable in class actions and mass torts. On occasion, an entire industry will collectively fight these lawsuits. Because of their power, many interest and business groups are at work to prevent class action lawsuits. Some corporations and organizations actively lobby for laws to restrict class actions and mass torts, maneuver to avoid liability and discredit the lawyers who file lawsuits and the plaintiffs who unite under the class actions and mass torts. The term tort reform is a part of their lobbying. The goal of tort reform overall is to make sure the courts treat cases fairly, consistently and keep verdicts reasonable. But those who seek to limit the justice for consumers and patients use tort reform as a rallying point to limit potential resolution, compensation, and future rights of people who have been harmed.

Why Sheller, P.C. fights for your rights

Sheller attorneys believe everyone deserves the right to seek justice and pledges to support these rights for those with legitimate claims. Let us help you assess your claim; you may be the first plaintiff of a class action or mass tort, or be eligible to join one already in progress. View a sampling of our results for consumers and patients nationwide on our Successes page.

Whistleblowers and Class Actions/Mass Torts

If you are or have been an employee or investor of a company who you believe has acted in bad faith causing financial or physical harm to individuals, you may have inside knowledge or information of illegal actions that could be used in a fraud or other type of case. Upon investigation, if there is a fraud or illegal act, in some instances the result may be a class action or mass tort. As a whistleblower, you are entitled to privacy in some cases, and protection from retaliation. Sheller attorneys have extensive experience representing whistleblowers and are available to help you understand if you have a case and what the process would be if you do. Contact us at 800-883-2299 or fill out the inquiry form on this page.

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