Personal Injury

Personal injury is when an individual is physically hurt, harmed, or damaged in some way. This not only includes physical injury, but damage to  reputation, property or other rights.

These injuries can occur from accidents at home, at work, while traveling or in other situations. The accident my be due to negligence of a person or company, or the unsafe manner of their action or location. Injuries can be psychological as well as physical.

What are the categories of personal injuries that may be eligible for a lawsuit?
  • Transportation accidents (auto, train/railroad, airplane, bus, motorcycle, etc.)
  • Trucking accidents (a trucking company causes an accident)
  • Wrongful death (death caused by negligence or other actionable wrongdoing/lack providing
  • Birth injury
  • Slip and fall (premises liability)
  • Dog bites
  • Premises liability
  • Nuisance
  • Trespass
  • Liable
  • Slander
  • Professional malpractice causing injury


Catastrophic injury is the practice area where someone’s injury is severe and may lead to permanent disability. The injury may also involve serious disfigurement.  Although there is no official definition of catastrophic injury, it’s generally viewed as an event that makes the person unable to work and earn a living.

Nursing home injury is another type of personal injury that requires a different approach. The attorneys of Sheller, P.C. understand the special needs and care the elderly deserve and can help you evaluate whether the injury of a loved one is a potential lawsuit.

What about accidents at work, are they treated differently?

Yes, they may be. A work injury may be evaluated as a workers compensation claim yet still have a personal injury component. There may also be a “third party claim” against the manufacturer of a piece of equipment that was defective and caused injury. Call us for clarification on this complex area of the personal injury law, 800-883-2299.

Who might be the defendant in a personal injury case?

A manufacturer, landlord, store owner, or other person or organization who should be providing you a reasonable “duty of ordinary care.” It could also be the manufacturer or builder, of equipment or structure, who was negligent by not providing a safe product or environment.

Do personal injury laws vary from state to state?

Yes, call us for more information.

What if more than one person is hurt by the same accident or event, can one lawyer help everyone?

Yes. We can explain how this works.

If you’ve been harmed in some way, contact us to learn your legal rights. We provide you a no cost, no obligation initial consultation.

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