Medical Devices

When medical devices are defective, making it right isn't as simple as "exchanging a part."  A defective or malfunctioning cardiac device can severely injure or cause death. Artificial joints can break. cause severe pain, and injure the site so badly the joint can't be replaced. Remedying the situation can cause pain and suffering and require additional painful and costly surgeries. Many devices can and do improve quality of life, but the manufacturers of the ones that don't should be held responsible for defective products and the injury they cause.

The attorneys of Sheller, P.C. are available for a no cost, no obligation consultation for individuals who have been harmed by these defective medical devices:

    • Pain Pumps (Linked to serious complication, destruction of the articular)

Other devices may also be under scrutiny. If you have been harmed or have an injury from a medical device, contact us by filling out the inquiry form below or calling 800-883-2299.

Medical device categories include:

  • Cardiac: pacemakers/intra-cardial defibrillators, artificial valves and vascular stents 
  • Orthopedic: artificial/replacement bone, joints (hip, knee, etc.), rods and plates
  • Therapeutic: catheters and tubing
  • Contraceptive: intra-uterine devices (IUD's)
  • Cosmetic: breast, penile and chin implants
  • Surgical tools
Watch a report from Consumer Reports on dangerous medical devices, discussion recalled hips, mesh implants and more at the link below.


Dangerous medical implants and devices, Consumer Reports, May 2012


  • Cancer Risk: FDA call for strict warning or ban DESCRIPTION The power morcellator is a product of Ethicon, a medical device division of the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. The morcella
  • The FDA investigating reused endoscopes and duodenoscopes used in colonoscopy or endoscopy procedures associated with outbreaks of a deadly “superbug” NEWS UPDATES FDA SENDS STERN WARNIN
  • FDA_inspected_Essure_over_last_decade_2213350000_9464768_ver1.0_640_480
    Long term data about the Essure contraceptive device suggest that it may pose risks of serious complications. Essure is a birth control device that consists of two metal coils placed inside the fal
  • bair,hugger,forced,air,infection,lawsuit,lawyer
    Reports suggest that the Bair Hugger Forced Air Warming system, which is used in operating rooms across the country, can increase patients’ risk of developing MRSA, sepsis, and other serious infecti