Sheller Honored by U.S. Commanding General for Iraq



Stephen Sheller, Sheller, P.C. founding partner, was recently recognized for his continued support and dedication of the Pennsylvania National Guard. The U.S. Commanding General for Iraq, Raymond T. Odierno, sent a plaque and framed flag that originally flew at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. All divisions of the Pennsylvania Army and Air National Guard have a long and valiant past, with many considered the most battle-tested in the United States. The First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry often served as President George Washington’s personal Guard. The 28th Infantry Division, known as the “Keystone Division,” is the oldest continuously serving in the U.S. Army serving throughout all of our nation’s major conflicts. The 111th Fighter, 193rd Special Operations, 171st Air Refueling and 213th Area Support Wings are each revered for their contributions to one of the most active, proud, and successful Guards in the country. Attorney Sheller is a long-time supporter of the troops as well as other non-profits, agencies and educational institutions including the Greater Philadelphia Salvation Army, Drexel University and others.

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