“New Book Exposes Big Pharma’s Most Deceptive Marketing Practices”

R-TV program “America’s Lawyer” featured host Mike Papantonio interviewing Stephen Sheller about his new book, Pharmageddon: A Nation Betrayed. The book covers significant cases Sheller has been involved with including Bush v. Gore ‘butterfly ballot’ issues, tobacco fraud cases and others. The main focus of the book is pharmaceutical company marketing practices, with details on the “off-label” use of powerful antipsychotic Risperdal in our nations most vulnerable citizens, children and the elderly.

“Your book ‘Pharmageddon’ lays out step by step how the company invents diseases, literally invents diseases, and secondly, how they even expand that market step by step. It’s a good idea for a book… This is a story most people simply don’t know about.” – Mike Papantonio

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