Stephen Sheller is regarded as the “Legal Forest Gump” by Liz  Spikol, Philadelphia Weekly, in the article  “Mind Control”, a story that reveals raw, unconcealed experience with antipsychotic drugs like Risperdal and poses a key question – why are we giving antipsychotic drugs to thousands of kids who don’t even need them?

“Philadelphia is ground zero for much of the controversy around prescribing antipsychotics to children and the center of a very high-profile legal battle against Johnson & Johnson, the maker of the SGA Risperdal.”

“The first time Stephen Sheller saw gynecomastia, he was shocked: “A mom comes into my office with a boy with these big breasts. What the hell is that?” Sheller has even had a couple cases, he says, in which boys grew third breasts.””

Read the fully story in PDF below “Mind Control”, Liz Spikol, Philadelphia Magazine, January 2016

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