Attorneys Stephen Sheller and Martha Wivell represent plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit certified by the Minnesota Court of Appeals alleging that Philip Morris defrauded smokers of Marlboro Light cigarettes in that state. Filed in 2001, the class action could open the door to actual damages of total purchases in the billions of dollars for smokers who bought the cigarettes in the state between 1972 and 2004. The potential recovery of purchase price could be tens of thousands per smoker. “This could be the largest fraud perpetrated on consumers in the United States, even bigger than Madoff” says Sheller, once actual and punitive damages are determined. Although it’s not yet time to contact attorneys and join the class action, smokers in Minnesota are encouraged to gather records of Marlboro Lights cigarette purchases from 1972-2004. Return to Sheller.com for more information as litigation progresses. For commentary and debate from Attorney Stephen Sheller on ‘Light’ tobacco litigation and class action certification.