Appeals Court Upholds Block of Drug Pricing Transparency

A DC Circuit court upheld a federal judge’s ruling striking down the Department of Health and Human Services’ new rule requiring drug companies to disclose the price of a 30 day supply in advertising. Merck, Eli Lilly and Amgen argued that disclosing drug prices in advertisements violates their first amendment rights by controlling and compelling […]

Sheller in Bloomberg Business on Whistleblowers and J&J $2.2B Settlement

Bloomberg Business Week 2013-12-09 Judy Doetterl was a sales representative for Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) in 2004 when federal agents placed a hidden recording device on her and sent her to tape marketing presentations at a national company sales meeting. U.S. prosecutors wanted to prove claims by Doetterl and others that J&J boosted sales by urging doctors to prescribe […]

Sheller in Philadelphia Inquirer on $2.2B Risperdal Settlement

Philadelphia Inquirer 2013-11-05 Sheller, P.C.’s representation of whistleblowers totals over $6 billion, with three of the top five pharmaceutical settlements in history: 2009: Pfizer $2.3 billion (Geodon) 2009: Eli Lilly & Co. $1.4 billion (Zyprexa) 2013: Johnson & Johnson $2.2 billion (Risperdal, Invega) and in 2010 : Astra Zeneca $520 million (Seroquel) WASHINGTON – Health-care […]